Pin Cushions

Well when you sew you need a pin cushion so I have been trying a few different patterns from a variety of patterns I have found on Pinterest.  This little adventure started when I asked on the Swoon Facebook page what people’s favourites pin cushions were!  This post had over 50 comments and may people included links to a variety of pin cushions.  So with this in mind I started searching for a few to try!  The first pattern I tried was a chicken that whipped up super quick and you can totally use any left over scraps.  I now have about five of these chickens in a variety of sizes.


The next one was a little more challenging and gave me an opportunity to try some new sewing stitches.  Again this pattern was a great way to use up some scraps!  This is one of my favourite pin cushions.


The third pin cushion I created was a really cool bird that again used up some fabric scraps.  The pattern was found on Pinterest but again I watched a video on  The guest for this project was Joel Dewberry – enjoyed watching this episode and seeing his fabrics. This is my version…


Please feel free to leave your comments about your favorite pin cushions!!




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